Workforce Training Programs

The City of Urbandale partners with Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) to support the needs of businesses for a well-trained workforce. DMACC Business Resources offers a team of professionals that work with companies to enhance the skills of their employees. Iowa's renowned job training programs are delivered locally by staff at DMACC.

Iowa New Jobs Training Program (260E)

The Iowa New Jobs Training Program (260E) supports businesses adding new employees in Iowa. The flexible funding of the 260E program allows a company to implement training plans for new employees. The 260E program is of no cost to business. Training is funded by DMACC through the sale of certificates for the amount of anticipated tax revenue generated from new employee salaries.

The revenue generated from the certificate sale is used to establish a company training fund. Although training at DMACC is an option, companies choose the training that best fits their needs. DMACC's staff will assist in determining appropriate training, whether it be provided by the college or an outside resource.

Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F)

The Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F) helps Iowa businesses fund training for current employees. Training programs are customized to meet the specific productivity needs of a business. A loan is forgivable if a business completes its training program and trains a specified number of employees. Project awards are typically up to $25,000 per business site. Participating businesses are required to provide at least 25% of the training program cost as cash match.

To qualify for this program, a business must be engaged in interstate or intrastate commerce for the purpose of manufacturing, processing, assembling products, or conducting research and development.

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