Strategic Priorities

The Mayor and City Council worked with Lyle Sumek Associates, Inc. in January through March of 2016 to set the City's Vision and Mission for Urbandale in 2031.  This process engaged the Mayor and City Council, along with City staff, to define a Vision for Urbandale in 2031.  Vision 2031 was backed by Plan 2021, which outlined the key outcomes needed to achieve this Vision.  A 1-Year Execution plan was created for 2016 and that plan kicks off the work needed to achieve Plan 2021.  In addition, Urbandale's organizational Mission was solidified to reinforce the responsibilities of Urbandale's government to its residents.  Lastly the Vision and Mission incorporate the community's Beliefs about Urbandale's government, or its expectations of its employees.

Urbandale's Vision 2031 is: Community for all family generations and a community with great neighborhoods.  It is a vibrant suburb that is safe and beautiful.  A vibrant suburb that has a range of quality housing choices.  A vibrant suburb that has thriving commercial areas.

Urbandale's Goals for 2021 are: 1. Financially strong City providing exceptional municipal services; 2. Investment in Urbandale's future - updated/replaced City infrastructure; 3.Thriving interchanges/corridors development; 4. First class suburb - great place for families; 5. Great neighborhoods: old and new.  

The mission of Urbandale City government is to be a Financially Responsible Government providing Exceptional Quality Municipal Services, which are Responsive to Community Needs making Urbandale A Great Place To Live.  

Read the Strategic Plan 2016-2021-2031 in full or read the Plan in Brief.