86th Street Preservation Project - Phase II

Project Description:

This project provides for the repair and resurfacing of 86th Street from Hickman Road to Aurora Avenue.  Work will include patching to restore the base pavement followed by a total asphalt overlay to provide a smooth driving surface.  Repairs will also be made to sidewalk ramps to bring them into ADA compliance.  There will be periods of noise and lane closures.

The City of Urbandale appreciates your cooperation and patience as we improve the condition and driving surface of this major route.

Project Status, 5/15/2019:

Patching and Overlay, Section A:

Work in Section A from Aurora Avenue to Douglas Parkway is substantially complete.  The patching and overlay has been completed and pavement markings reestablished.  The contractor will complete restoration of grass as weather permits.  All lanes are reopened between Aurora Avenue and Douglas Parkway.

Patching Phase, Section B:

On Wednesday, May 15th, work on the inside lanes of 86th Street moved south to between Colby Parkway and New York Avenue.  All lanes at the intersection of Douglas Parkway and 86th Street are now open.  Weather permitting, work will continue south in the inside lanes as patches are completed.

This work includes patching and median repairs. Patches are staggered based on location and weather conditions.  This portion of the project will involve lane closures on 86th Street. At least one lane of traffic will remain open in each direction on 86th Street during this phase. Access to driveways and side streets will be maintained.

Future Phases:

Future phases of the project will require full closures of 86th Street for patching and overlay as well as lane closures for additional patching from Hickman Road to Douglas Avenue.  Advanced notice will be posted for full closures.  Full closures will primarily be done at night and/or on weekends to limit impact to residents and businesses.  Detours will be posted and flaggers will assist local residents.

Access and Work Zones:

Access will be provided for residences and businesses along the road during road closures.  Every effort will be made to minimize the impact, but there will be some inconvenience.  The goal is to work both safely and quickly.  Please be patient and work with the contractors.

As always, please use caution when driving through a construction zone.  Tack oil will be placed just before the asphalt paving.  Local residents should avoid driving on the tack oil.  If crossing the tack oil is unavoidable for access, please drive slowly.

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